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National Parks and centuries cities

In the vicinity of Crvena Luka Hotel & Resort there are many national parks and hundred years old cities which will thrill you with cultural heritage and beautiful nature. We organize all day excursions and visits to all of the localities in our surrounding area.

  • National Park Plitvice Lakes

    Plitvice Lakes National park are considered to be one of the most beautiful natural phenomenas in the world. Due to natural beauty of waterfalls, cascades and caves and biological diversity this National Park has been included into the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Plitvice Lakes, complex made of 16 lakes connected to 92 waterfalls, offer unforgettable experience in all seasons.


  • National Park Krka

    National Park Krka is situated in the vicinity of an amazing historical town of Šibenik. Park includes most of the river Krka flow, and besides of the natural beauties, this Park abounds with cultural and historical monuments such as converge Franciscan monastery on a little island Visovac, Orthodox monastery Krka, and also forts located up the hills, above water, where you can see how to make flour the old-fashioned way.


  • National Park Kornati

    The Kornati National Park with its 152 islands, islets and cliffs represents the richest group of islands in the Mediterranean. Kornati are real paradise for sailors and all those who know how to enjoy in the solitude of intact and magnificent nature.


  • Nature Park Vrana Lake

    Vrana Lake Nature Park is the biggest lake in Croatia. It has an exceptional richness of natural habitat of water birds, rare wetland system and great biodiversity. Ornithological reservation attracts many bird watchers and abundance of freshwater and sea fish attracts fishermen.


  • Biograd

    Biograd na Moru was once a Croatian royal town. It was first mentioned in 10th century and it was a centre of Croatian kings and bishops in 11th century. Today it is a well-known tourist and nautical centre. It is situated on peninsula surrounded by marinas and promenades with an bautiful view of Pašman canal and many islands.


  • Zadar

    Visit to millennial town of Zadar is inevitable. Zadar has many cultural and historical monuments from which we would like to emphasize visit to museums, churches and unique symbols of Zadar, Sea Organs and The Greeting to the Sun.


  • National Park Paklenica

    Because of its unique nature, remarkable geomorphological forms and magnificent forests, area of Velika and Mala Paklenica was in 1949. declared a national park. Paklenica National Park is a wonderful place for everyone. Be prepared to experience the Croatian mountain Velebit, with a royal view of the Adriatic sea and islands, while enjoying the fresh mountain air.
    Paklenica is a national park with forests that hide the largest Croatian treasure - the original nature with rich flora and fauna. This park will take you into deep underground, in caves with specific animal world. Karst landscape is feature of the entire region including Paklenica which abounds in various rock formations that alternate with wooded valleys and mountain meadows.


  • Canoe safari at Zrmanja

    Zrmanja is one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Croatia, its features are perfect crystal waters and magnificent canyon with waterfalls. Canoe safari on Zrmanja is a wonderful experience for fans of adrenaline, but also for family excursions. River Zrmanja is ideal for canoe tours and requires no previous experience.


  • Trogir & Split

    Trogir and Split are the most beautiful Roman towns on the Adriatic coast. Mediterranean style of urban life, beaches and architecture, shopping and museums, everything you need can be found in Trogir and Split.
    Trogir is a small town, but great in historical significance. Often referred to as an outdoor museum, Trogir gives you the opportunity to enjoy cultural attractions while enjoying the Dalmatian way of life and the Adriatic Sea.
    Split is the largest city in Dalmatia. It is best known for Diocletian's palace. There lived a retired Roman Emperor Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletian, originally from Dalmatia. The palace is open space surrounded by a colonnade called the Peristyle. It is a place that still serves as a venue for various events and gatherings. On the eastern side of the peristyle is located Cathedral of St.. Duje, patron of Split. Cultural attractions in Split are very interesting, but the city has a lot to offer. In Split you can enjoy the beautiful promenades and beaches, delicious food, good music and friendly hosts.


  • Nin & island of Pag

    The town of Nin and the island of Pag are unique places that will delight you.
    Nin is the first Croatian capital, once center of religious, political and cultural life, now it is a small town with unbelievable history values. Nin is a 3000 year old city, located on a small island in the middle of the lagoon. In the city you can get only over two bridges from the 16th century. It was founded by the Illyrian tribe of Liburnians in the 9th century BC under the name of Aenona which can be seen in the numerous archaeological sites. Nin is also the oldest Croatian royal town. It was the capital of many Croatian national leaders. From 9th to 19th century Nin was a diocese. One of the most famous croatian bishop is Gregory of Nin, a fighter for the preservation of the Croatian national Glagolitic alphabet.
    Pag is known as the city of lace, cheese, lamb and salt. Pag will impress all of your senses. The wine and the famous cheese will delight your palate, and the island of Pag will delight you with the combination of traditional life, historic sites and modern entertainment.




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Crvena Luka Resort is situated at a distance of 3 km from the town of Biograd and 30 km from the city of Zadar. Due to the vicinity and excellent connection with the highway and airport, we are easily reached by all visitors from Europe and from all over the world.

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