Crvena Luka Hotel & Resort is the first in the Zadar region to be awarded with prestige emblem White Flag International - global environmental symbol for clean water surfaces.

The Minister of tourism Lorencin handed the flag to the owners on the ceremony that was held on July, 30, 2015 with words: "Usually we have investors who only look how to build as much as they can maximum in the spatial plan. I was here last year and because of the many trees I didn't even notice the hotel. Thank you to all investors, especially for such an energy invested in environmental protection".

Member of the board Mr Pier Paolo Prodi said: "Crvena Luka is like heaven on earth, surrounded by nature parks and national parks. We managed to finish one project that has been recognized in the Zadar County. Our goal was to preserve the nature and its beauty. It is often said that water is the source of life, but unfortunately it is not respected that often. It is a pleasure to live in this environment, together with our guests and employees." said Mr Prodi, noting that of the original seven workers they now employ over 130.

Crvena Luka Hotel & Resort been is completely renovated building in which new investors invested significant funds. Several hundred thousand HRK have been invested in the system of modern water purification and ecological stability of the entire area through amendment of the current sewer system by taking over the Resort by the new investors, the use of modern biological purifier, eco cleaning products, separation and recycling of waste and so on. Furthermore, it has been counted and recorded 1,100 trees of centuries-old pine forest that investors maintain and nurture throughout the year. Each tree has its own number.

The result of all this are the pens (periska, lat Pinna nobilis) that have returned to the bay, and which has not been there for years. Periska is our most famous and largest Mediterranean mussel that lives only in clean seas and which is protected by law. As a final step of this environmental story we have decided to participate in this venerable global action called The White Flag. Their team had cleared underwater in our bay and awarded us with the license. They also declared the Crvena Luka bay to be one of the cleanest bays in the Adriatic.

Crvena Luka Hotel & Resort is committed to maintain the unique natural beauty of the Adriatic. Our hotels, apartments and villas fit harmoniously into the Mediterranean landscape and we put all the strength in continually investing in the maintenance and landscaping. We follow new trends in the hotel and tourism industry and through such projects we preserve nature - for you, for us and for a common future.

White Flag was first assigned in 2013 to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation which today represents one of its most respected.

White Flag is awarded by Global Underwater Awareness Association (GUWAA), led by our famous diver KristijanCuravić, which are notable in promoting cleanliness and water quality and to highlight its importance. GUWAA is also an organization that cleans and protects the oceans, lakes and rivers around the world, and is part of the largest international network of divers, the protector of all water resources.

White Flag International is the only symbol in the world which guarantees clear sea, beaches, seabed and inland waters for the purpose of protection of life in them, and is the property of the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco and GUWAA-e. This symbol is only awarded to a few places in the world, but is moving their commercial assigning in the world: Singapore, Qatar, Dubai and the USA in February 2016.

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Crvena Luka Resort is situated at a distance of 3 km from the town of Biograd and 30 km from the city of Zadar. Due to the vicinity and excellent connection with the highway and airport, we are easily reached by all visitors from Europe and from all over the world.

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